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"Please delete my photos as I have found

my perfect partner within 48 hours of signing on to your site" 


Viv, 69 Dorset

" I want to terminate my subscription, because I have met

someone and am now in a full relationship.

My search is over! Thank you for all your help! :)"


Berty, 55 Surrey

"I would like to cancel my account please, I have met and fallen in love with a beautiful woman. We met on your site so will no longer need to search. Thank you for everything,

you have made my dream come true.

I never though it would actually happen to me but it did......I'm so happy"


Peter, 47 Greater Manchester

"Yet again you site has been successful and I'm writing to ask you to cancel my membership with immediate effect. The site has introduced me to a really nice, fun and

warm person and I hope that it will lead to much

greater things and a long term relationship. Thank you"


Charlotte, 76 Oxford shire

"Thank you for all your help in finding my perfect partner, it worked instantly! Luck of the draw. I wish to take my details off the website now if possible.

I have recommended this site to any

single ladies I know and wished them as much luck as I have had!"


Alex, 67 Wiltshire


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