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About Pin Point a Date and Why Use Us

Pin Point a Date was set up by a couple who found themselves through internet dating in 2000. Back then it was a risky business and filled with trepidation, excitement, naivety and uncertainty, but we’re here a decade later with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and loving the new openness, safety and convenience of this fresh internet dating scene.


At Pin Point a Date we're passionate about swiftly and accurately matching people for friendship or romance, or even a little bit more. We're dedicated to matching people in the right age groups and the right locations, and online communities have never been so much fun!


We enable people to match themselves by using a variety of compatibility profiling tools, which are quick and easy to use, and remarkably accurate. We truly believe that after decades of isolation created by the computer revolution, internet dating communities are now bringing us back together again, for the right friendships and for finding real love.


So, welcome to this online relationship community, where we have over a million people in the UK looking for friendship, romance and that liitle bit more. We'll show you how to meet the person of your dreams from the comfort of your own home


If you haven’t already dipped your feet into the online community pool then this is an invitation to see what you've been missing out on, and it’s guaranteed that you'll be pleasantly surprised!


To help you find people in the right age group and with similar expectations we have the following three choices:


Local Dating (18 - 50) - 50 Plus Dating - Adult Dating (naughty!)



Why You'd Want to Use Us



No matter what you age or circumstances, or your personality, Pin Point a Date will help find the right person for you, whether that's for love or for friendship or for anything else.


Here are a few of the reasons that our current clients use us:


  • Your current social network is not right for you and you're looking for something more specific


You can quickly and easily search for people with the same interests as you in the same location, and profiling facilities offered to full members work remarkably well for matching like minded people


  • You're lonely and are struggling to meet the right people. You don’t know where to start looking


Using Pin Point a Date is easy and it's free to register and start searching. Within minutes you'll know whether you want to stay, and whether you're going to find the right people for you.


Who you are is reflected in your profile so there are no preconceptions or prejudgements and people will take you at face value, and for who you really are. And if they're looking for you, they're sure to find you


  • You're shy and you struggle to introduce yourself to, or talk to the people you'd like to


We know how difficult it can sometimes be to introduce yourself or strike up a conversation with the people that you'd really like to, so we've made it easy to express an interest in the most discrete way. We've found that using 'winks' has really helped our members to break the ice and make friends without any fear or embarrassment


  • You simply don’t have the time to get out and meet new people


Meeting people on Pin Point a Date couldn't be quicker or easier. Simply complete your profile for free, and even if you don't have the time to search our network, like minded people will start to find you immediately


  • You're finding it difficult to meet people with the same desires or interests as you


Using Personality profiling, Romantic Matching, Horoscopes, and Sun, Love and Passion profiling, and much more, our members are able to ensure that the people they choose to meet with are as perfect as they can be


  • If you’ve broken up in a relationship and want a completely fresh start, or you're new to the area


We know how difficult it can be if you've been in a long term relationship with 'couple' friends, so we offer you the opportunity to begin to develop a whole new network of like minded people


  • If you're worried about weirdoes or talking to strangers in general


At Pin Point a Date we pride ourselves in providing a safe environment for responsible people to meet like minded individuals. Clearly it is up to you who you decide to talk to, or ultimately meet up with, but we provide you with the tools and support that will give you the foundations to meet the right people


From the start, and at any point, you take control of who you talk to or who you ignore. You choose the additional details that members can view, and when you receive messages you can check the profiles and pictures before even replying. There's telephone and e-mail support and if you suspect anything that you are not happy with you can simply contact our net monitor who will investigate your issue and take action.


We work hard to ensure your safety while on the site and have a net monitor and reporting system if necessary, but the vast majority of our millions of members have a fantastic experience, like Hannah from Wiltshire:



“I found Pin Point a Date very easy to get started and very easy to use. As quite a shy person I was apprehensive about getting started in online dating, but within no time at all I was confidently chatting to people and making new friends. Now I have friends that I speak to regularly and I have a very warm feeling that I may just have met someone special!”



Local Dating (18 - 50) - 50 Plus Dating - Adult Dating (naughty!)


What to Expect

Basic Membership Includes:


  • Winks to break the ice - we know that not everybody likes to charge straight in
  • Unlimited searching
  • Upload your own photo
  • Access to members main photo
  • Horoscopes

Full Membership Adds:


  • Unlimited use of the private message facility
  • Extended search functionality
  • Video profiles, watching and viewing
  • Instant messenger (dating and 50+ network only)
  • Gifts
  • Personality profiling
  • Romantic matching
  • Horoscopes
  • Love alerts
  • MMS upload
  • Sun, Love and Passion profile
  • Diaries
  • Ignore feature
  • Video IM (dating and 50+ network only)
  • Profile coach

You’ll have immediate access to millions of profiles and within hours you could be making friends and you can choose whether they’re from all over the country, or right on your doorstep!


Just enter some basic details including age and post code, and your hobbies and interests, and you can let our search engine do the rest. You can choose what level of detail you provide, but the more specific you are, the better the matching will be.


Sit back and wait for the winks and messages to start flowing in, or start searching for like minded people right away.


You can add an image and view images of your admirers, but don’t forget that we like to approve all images and this can take up to an hour during a working day. We don’t want any inappropriate images displayed in the wrong place!


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Local Dating (18 - 50) - 50 Plus Dating - Adult Dating (naughty!)



Registration is for free and in your control panel you can test the water and see whether you are going to benefit from upgrading to full membership.


For free we enable you to register your profile, picture and hobbies and interests, and to start your search. Also you can receive winks and messages from existing members, but if you want to contact any other member you will have to upgrade to full membership.


Once you are a full member there are a whole range of things you can do and receive, for example:


• Upload more pictures of yourself
• View more pictures of others
• Send a Wink to break the ice
• Send a message to introduce yourself
• Write your own online dating diary
• Read others online dating diaries
• Your own full horoscope and astrological matching
• Real-time chat with online members
• Customer support
• Personality profiling for compatibility matching
• Weekly newsletter


It’s very easy to use and navigate and you can choose who you decide to communicate with and how much you want to show each member.


You can ignore people you don’t want to talk to, and you can block anyone who you don’t like the look of. It’s entirely up to you!


You can choose to remain as a pen-friend or can arrange to meet up at your convenience and at a location suited to you, but the main thing is that you have fun!


Local Dating (18 - 50) - 50 Plus Dating - Adult Dating (naughty!)